AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology announced that SVR – Silicon Valley Robotics will return to an independent, self-owned 501(C) organization. AMT will continue to fully support SVR in areas of common interest, such as in bringing together the proven manufacturing technology and innovative tech communities to enable the commercialization of new and upcoming robotics automation.

Over the course of their alliance, AMT and SVR have forged strong, mutually beneficial connections and opportunities for collaboration. As the market and technologies have evolved, it became clear that a strategy of independence would provide more strategic flexibility, agility, and responsiveness in the pursuit of bigger opportunities for success and improved speed to market.

Such independence will allow each organization to scale in the future, pursue their respective goals effectively, and better serve their core constituencies. SVR will focus on community development in the Silicon Valley region, emphasizing growth and innovation within local automation and technology startup companies and the investment community.

AMT will maintain its collaborative connection with SVR to further the growth of automation within the manufacturing industry and community at large. As collaborative partners, AMT and SVR will continue to share expertise, services, and network connections to bring more robot-supported manufacturing to the United States.

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