Cobot Systems announced that it is now a UR+ Partner with their showcase Laser Welding Cell system. This distinction marks a significant milestone in the company's journey to provide automated workforce solutions that are broadly accessible. This approval highlights Cobot Systems' dedication to providing innovative solutions compatible with Universal Robots (UR) products, ensuring seamless collaboration and increased productivity with the all-in-one Laser Welding Robot.

According to the company, Cobot Systems developed the industry-first Laser Welding Cobot System, which is designed as a complete engineered package for automating welding processes typically done by MIG/GMAW or TIG/GTAW. The Cobot Systems Laser Welding Robot combines the usability of the Universal Robots UR10e collaborative robot with the speed of the IPG LightWELD laser. 

"Our pre-engineered welding package is a laser welding system built around the Universal Robots UR10e collaborative robot,” says Brian Knopp, co-founder of Cobot Systems. “By integrating the handheld laser with the cobot, companies can take advantage of the higher speeds and maximize quality through the precision positioning capabilities of the cobot.”

The UR+ Laser Welding Cobot System enables businesses to:

•    Increase welding efficiency while decreasing processing time

•    Reduce manual touch time and training 

•    Diversify their welding capabilities to include new materials

•    Achieve flawless results with minimal distortion, deformation, undercutting, and burn-through.

UR+ partners are companies like Cobot Systems that exhibit seamless compatibility and streamlined workflows with Universal Robots products. 

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