UPDATED WEEKLY!Someone asked me to put some thoughts together on accomplishing difficult goals. Hopefully, you might find something in here, which might be of some value--even if only as a thought-provoker! Look for Part II next week!

Someone asked me the other day to put some thoughts together about how to accomplish difficult goals. Hopefully, you might find something in here which might be of some value-even if only as a thought-provoker! I’ve broken this blog up into two parts. Look for Part II next week!

1. Have Vision

Some of us need inspiration to get us to initiate action that brings about success and achievement. In order to do this, we might need to think BIG. Why is that? If we don't get excited about what we have planned for the future, we will never find the inspiration we need to change.

Powerful dreams or vision can cause our very being to move. It's like having the big picture view. When we dream the big dream, we will be driven to make the compelling picture a tangible reality. To be all that we can be, we must dream of being more.

2. Small Steps Result in Great Successes

While our dreams need to inspire, we must also recognize that it takes small steps to create amazing changes. The dream will lead the way and cause us to focus on the ultimate desired outcome, but it won't come in one giant leap. Even professional baseball players don't come through every time they get to the plate. Small steps, carried out each day, will bring us closer to the destinations we seek.

3. Failure is Not an Option

People are more than capable of creating a compelling vision, but the fear of failure often clouds the path. To avoid this pitfall, we must imagine that it is impossible to fail. The failure comes in not making the attempt at all and realizing that success is more about persistence.

4. Think Ahead

Imagine what life would be like after you've achieved your vision or goal. Use that picture to create goals in the present.

5. Be Specific

In order to create lasting change in our life, we have to be specific about what we want. Vague ideas aren’t good enough. The more specific we make our desires or goals, the easier it will be to act on them.

Unclear thoughts, ideas or goals just create obstacles. We have to know exactly what we want, down to the smallest detail.

6. Write it Down

In order to clarify and bring about a clear focus, write down everything you want to have, experience and achieve. The simple act of writing our desires down on a sheet of paper will bring them one step closer to reality. Saying something is one thing, but when we actuallyseethe words written down...it's like taking the first step in achieving success.

7. Continue to Learn and Educate

The more we know, the more we'll grow. Information, skills and knowledge is the greatest resource we have as we work toward accomplishing our goal. Knowledge gained, helps to increase confidence, break down fear and inspire us to action.

8. What's in It For Me? (WIIFM?)

As we begin taking steps toward the things we wish to accomplish, we will meet with many obstacles along the way that have the potential to take us off course and lose focus. To ensure this doesn't happen, answer the question: What's in it for me?Knowing that answer will serve as a constant source of energy and excitement to keep us going strong in the face of short-term setbacks.

9. Draw Stength from Others

There are many stories of individuals overcoming all odds and achieving their dreams. Seek out and learn from these stories and draw strength from those lessons learned. We are not alone in our search for success. Knowing that others have succeeded can be enough to motivate us to succeed.

It doesn't matter what we want: someone at sometime throughout history has desired and achieved basically the same thing. Not only does this prove that our dreams are possible, but also that we have what it takes to make them happen. People have done so much with so little, proving that the essential requirements of creating change are within all of us.

10. Take Ownership and Responsibility

Before positive changes can take place, we must take responsibility for our actions and their outcome. We are in control of our future and are the only one who can guarantee a better life and success. If we play the role of a victim-giving up control, responsibility and ownership of our actions-we will never enjoy the amazing opportunities that achievement and success can offer.

A single step in the right direction is all it takes to put great things in motion. Every written masterpiece begins with a single word on a page. Every long journey begins with a single step. The things we want most will be no different. We need to take that first step to get on the road to success.

Next Week: Part II - Accomplishing Difficult Goals...

11. Create a Strategy
12. Success is Timebased
13. Measure Success
14. Take Intelligent Action
15. Remain Flexible
16. Concentrate on the Positive
17. Maintain Focus
18. Remember Improvement is a Process
19. Learn from Mistakes
20. Focus on Others
21. Realize the Road Has Ups and Downs