Have you ever spent much time thinking about success and how it is achieved? It seems our world evolves around success or the elements of success. Real success doesn't come easy-it's achieved through hard work, commitment and dedication to doing what's necessary to "get the job done."

Success is not achieved by doing what is comfortable and convenient. Success is achieved by doing what must be done to reach it.

Success is achieved not by waiting until the last minute to get started. Success is a product of looking ahead and working hard to be fully prepared-much like a professional athlete who spends years practicing when the lights are not on and no one is watching.

Success is achieved not by making a half-hearted effort. Success comes when there is unconditional commitment, dedication and purpose. It’s achieved not by waiting for the lucky breaks, but by making the most of whatever circumstances or events come along.

Success is not random; it happens when there is a conscious decision to make the effort and commitment happen. When there is effort and commitment, success is achieved by anyone who chooses to make it happen!

Vince Lombardi said, "success demands singleness of purpose." Become focused on the ingredients that, once blended together, will result in success.