Did you ever think about this? If everything was free and required no effort, nothing would have any value. If there were no challenges in life, there would be no place in which to create achievement and a feeling of accomplishment.

The very factors that push against us provide a fertile ground from which we can raise our self up. From our most burdensome challenges and limitations can come our greatest triumphs.

The challenge is to find what is holding us back. If we can find out what that is then we will be well on our way to determine exactly what we must do to in order to take the next step forward.

I am reminded by a personal experience of a friend of mine who climbs mountains. He said that when the side of the mountain is steep and treacherous, the view from the top is always spectacular. By steadily working through difficulties and challenges, the summit of increased strength and value can be reached.

It is by working toward a goal that we make the goal worth reaching. The difficulties we encounter along the way serve as opportunities to add value to the achievement.

Life is worth living precisely because it requires effort and challenges us to be our best. All that is needed is for us to rise to the challenge each day and commit our self to doing all that we can do, because all that we can do is our powerful ally which will see us through our journey.

Think about it.