I was recently rereading “The Power of Positive Thinking” by the late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. Dr. Peale wrote extensively about the awesome power that is within ourselves. There is evidence that our mind has a significant impact on happens to us and around us. Not by some magic, but as an outcome of our actions and how we chose to live our lives.

In our minds, we can go anywhere and do anything. Where our mind consistently goes, the rest of us will follow. We can’t separate one from the other.

There is no limit to what we can dream and imagine. And what we can dream or imagine, we have already begun to create and innovate.

In order to reach for a dream, we must know what it looks like, how it feels, and where it is. Long before we actually arrive at the destination, our mind can enable use to experience all these things, and more.

Every success that we have experienced was first a success of our imagination. Believe that; for it is true. Success doesn’t just happen. We just have to believe that with our true selves and dare to imagine wonderful new pathways on our journey to success and fulfillment.

If we can set our imagination free, it will show us who we really are and light the path for us to follow. Let imagination guide our efforts, and our dreams will be fulfilled.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said, “A positive mental attitude is a belief that things are going to turn out well, and that you can overcome any kind of trouble or difficulty.”

Let’s put our imagination to work.