What is the one thing you can do today to ensure success? It all comes down to setting the highest of expectations. However, you need to be patient with yourself as well.

Be certain that you were surely born to do great things. Don’t allow yourself to think otherwise because it is true. But know also that real value takes time and patience to fully develop.

You are always a work in progress. On some days you will make a little more progress than typical, and on other days a little less. Know this to be a truism, a natural progression of life. Think of this up and down as a pattern of natural variation that exists in any process.

Yet every day has its purpose and its own special value. Even when, by all outward appearances, you are falling behind, on a deeper level you are always moving forward as a natural progression.

For every experience, whatever it may be, brings its own richness and fullness to your life. Learn to recognize it, to accept it, to make use of it, and you will find your most treasured dreams coming to life.

Be eager to make the effort, but be patient about seeing the results. Something in each and every day will move you forward. It’s a natural happening on your road to a rich and meaning personal and professional life.

Think about it.