This blog has previously focused on responsibility, but it’s worth revisiting since it plays such an important role in our life. What are you willing to take responsibility for today? Where you are willing to take responsibility, you will be able to make real progress.

Even if problems are not your fault, if they affect you, the best strategy just might be to step forward and take responsibility for them. Even if there is something you don't know how to do, if it's important to you, then take responsibility for figuring out how to get it done.

Your life is certainly influenced by many things that are out of your control. Even so, your life is best lived when you take full responsibility for it.

Responsibility is a real and serious commitment that will often require great effort on your part. The payoff, however, is with responsibility comes a steadily increasing and positive influence over the way your life moves forward.

Responsibility, even though it represents a serious commitment, also brings an unmatched sense of freedom and feeling of self-actualization. When you let go of the blaming and finger-pointing, you will be free of a heavy burden that will result in wonderful opportunities to fulfill your destiny.

Look for ways to be more responsible and you'll find great opportunities for success. Seek always to live responsibly, no matter what, and bring real value to all you do.

The choices we make today ultimately determines the future. Choose responsibility today and tomorrow reap the harvest of what you sew and cultivate.