We’ve all experienced periods of disappointments in our personal and professional lives. At times it seems that it’s more than we can bear. When this happens, fight the urge to throw up your hands in desperation, give up, and resign yourself to defeatism.

Even during these periods, we must believe that something wonderful will come from the disappointments and challenges. Focus on the belief that something of great value is already taking shape and is about to happen.

In every disappointment, there are fertile seeds of accomplishment being sown. In times of pain and sorrow, there are opportunities arising for joy, achievement and fulfillment.

As you make your way through that dark and seemingly lonely valley, keep going forward. Don’t dwell on the negative; keep thinking that “this too will end,” and you'll soon reach the place where you will begin to climb out and up toward the mountaintop.

Allow your difficulties the opportunity to give you strength. Let the tough times make the good times much more rewarding than they otherwise would have been.

Be truly thankful for each opportunity to more fully appreciate life's rewards. Have confidence that your reward will always there.

Truly believe that something wonderful will come from your short- term disappoints-and it will.