Who do you listen to for personal or professional advice? Who do you allow to guide your growth and development? These people we rely on serve as mentors and models of performance. Obviously not all models or mentors are a positive influence but let's focus on the value of good guides.


If you wanted to explore the Australian outback, you're likely to procure the services of an experienced guide. Whenever you are entering unfamiliar territory, it can help enormously to have someone you can trust and count on for good advice.


Children have their parents as their role models and mentors who offer advice and counsel.  Parents have trusted friends and family members to do the same.  Countries also look to their political leaders for guidance and direction. Sometimes we turn to professionals, counselors, ministers and teachers to help us sort out options and find the best path to reach our goals and objectives.


Who is your model or mentor? Who do you listen to? Who do you turn to for guidance? These are very important questions. Often it is not so much what a model or mentor tell us that influences us, but it is their actions or attitudes, toward us and toward life, that is our best teacher.


Make sure your guides believe strongly in your ability and right to be self-determining, to make your own choices. Seek out those with experiences to share, and enough wisdom to allow you your own experiences as well.


Look for positive models and mentors.  Guides who don't overwhelm you with advice, who listen carefully and with compassion, who don't label or judge you, and who encourage your continued growth and development.  These are the people in whom you can safely place your trust and who will help you get where you want to go.


Think about it.