What does getting what you want in life have to do with values? Let's discuss how the two are connected so we can better understand the synergy that can be gained.

We can't get what we want in life until we know what it is we want. Moreover, it is difficult to know what we want if we are not clear about what our values are.  If someone were to ask you what you really want, what they’re actually asking is, "What do you value?"

Values are guides for daily living that influence our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. Our personal values actually help shape our personality and give direction to what would otherwise be an aimless, purposeless life.  Our personal values are reflected in our goals, hopes, dreams, attitudes, interests, opinions, convictions, and behavior as well as in our problems and worries.

Personal values are choices we make from the available alternatives. Well-chosen values, therefore, require an open mind, because we can't choose freely if we don't know what our options and consequences are. Personal values are cherished and we fight to keep them because they mean so much to us.

Finally, to be truly significant, personal values must move from fantasy into reality and be acted upon. They cause us to do something, so that we can get and keep what we prize so highly.

What do you value in life? Have you spent much time thinking about it? If not, you should take some quality time to do so. Don’t postpone this important exercise so commit to doing this today!

Sit down and make a list of all your values. It might be helpful to do a quick internet search on values. You’ll find hundreds to help create your list but narrow it to the core set of what is the most important to you. Next, make a list of all your important personal and professional life goals. Do they coincide? If not, maybe you should re-define your goals to match your values, not the other way around.  If your goals are based on your values, it is more likely that you will get what you want in life. You see, we perform a lot better and are more productive when our goals and values are in sync with each other.

Think about it.