Many of us admire people whom we perceive as high achievers. Mostly those people are heads of state, athletes, movie stars, musicians, and the like. However, most of the highest achievers in this world are people most of us have never heard of. You might find this hard to believe but it is true. The reason is that achievement is much more than amassing fame or material wealth. Believe it or not, many of those high achievers are you.

Real achievement is living fully in a way that is meaningful to you and in line with the values you feel most deeply. Real achievement is expressing the unique purpose that is at the center of your being.

Real achievement does not require the approval, permission or recognition of anyone else. Real achievement is following the desires of your most authentic self, not merely satisfying the shallow impulses of your ego.

The vast majority of real achievements that come to life every day are quiet and peaceful and immensely fulfilling. Do not confuse real achievement with meaningless spectacles that make a lot of noise but have no lasting value.

In the smallest moments of our lives there is the potential for great achievement. In the final analysis, true achievement is living and acting with purpose and meaning.

Remember always that achievement is more than merely constructing great edifices, accumulating wealth and fame, or having name recognition from performing great deeds. The most valuable achievement is building a meaningful life that makes a positive contribution to the lives of you and those around you. You can be a real achiever and are likely on this path already.

Think about it.