In some way, personal growth is almost always uncomfortable. However, refusing to grow is often, in the long run, much more uncomfortable.

So…the choice is between the current discomfort of growth and future agony of stagnation. With this understanding, the most positive choice is choosing to step forward and grow from the effort to change and achieve.

It is natural to focus on our strengths and pretend our weaknesses don’t exist. To grow, however, requires that we admit where we’re weak and then work to strengthen those aspects of our life – personal and professional.

Certainly, growth feels difficult but at the same time growth can feel so good and empowering. It is satisfying to know that we’re moving forward in accordance with our own desire to do so.  

Whatever is going on in our life this very moment offers valuable opportunities for us to grow stronger, more effective, and more positively directed toward real fulfillment.

Choose to embrace and engage those opportunities now while placed in front of us. Embrace these opportunities even though they may seem a little uncomfortable.

We are actually blessed to have this unique and pivotal moment which will allow us to grow moving forward.  And as we grow, the positive possibilities will grow even more superlative in our world.

Think about it…