Borescopes come in many flavors. NDT looks at a cross section of some of the available products on the market.

For years, the two primary types of industrial borescopes were rigid and flexible borescopes or fiberscopes. The type used depended on the application. While those scopes are still often used, today the market includes video borescopes and other tools for specialized applications. The following is an abbreviated look at some of the borescopes on the market.

Available borescopes

The Series B Rigid Borescopes from AEI North America Inc. features forward viewing direction (0 degree); may add 90 degree mirror tube, and side viewing direction, fixed, with prism. The tools all have focusable, DIN style eyepiece. Models with a 45 degree or 70 degree field of view are available. Reply 30

Flexible fiberscopes from Edmund Industrial Optics feature fiber optic technology to inspect hard-to-reach areas. Semi-rigid sheathed 0.5 millimeter diameter glass fiber imaging bundle enables the scope to bend around obstacles while maintaining shape. Imaging through the bundle occurs because fibers are aligned coherently-both ends retain position exactly relative to each other. It bends repeatedly to a 3-inch radius without damage. A 25X eyepiece offers near-infinite focusing range and wide angle image. Both scopes can work with a C-Mount Video Coupler. Reply 31

Everest VIT's VideoProbe XL PRO Plus video borescope has digital video features including CompactFlash removable storage media, the ability to record and playback more than two hours of DVD format MPEG2 video and a USB streaming digital video port. The system accepts any storage capacity size Type I CompactFlash card, now available with up to 4GB capacity. It can record digital still images and MPEG2 or MPEG1 video either on its internal 32MB flash memory or on the removable CF cards. It is available in all XL PRO probe diameters such as 3.9 millimeter, 5.0 millimeter, 6.1 millimeter, 7.3 millimeter and 8.4 millimeter. Reply 32

The Optiview 7-inch rigid borescope from Flexbar Machine Corp. has a portable rugged design that allows users to view critical components in high resolution through access holes as small as 4 millimeters. It uses a high-intensity tungsten halogen light source operated by two AA batteries. It has a working length of 7 inches and a 65-degree wide-angle field of view. Reply 33

Gradient Lens Corp. has introduced a new line of Hawkeye Blue Flexible Borescopes that are available in 2.5 millimeter, 4 millimeter and 6 millimeter diameters. It features high-clarity fiber optic bundles, up to 25,000 pixels, and excellent contrast. Other features include, 2-way articulation (±120 degrees, stainless steel braided sheaths, compatibility with video display and documentation systems and a 30X eyepiece. Reply 34

The Industrial Articulation Video-scope Kit from Instrument Technology Inc. includes an industrial videoscope with 4-way articulation and ITI's patented ProTecht over torque protection system. It features a 10-inch high resolution color LCD, pressure sensitive control panel, electronic zoom, image reserve, auto-set white balance control, long-time exposure in seven increments ranging from 1/30 to 2.1 seconds. A head-up display and a 4-inch detachable LCD are optional. Reply 35

The Model no. IE5000 borescope inspection system from Integrated Endoscopy has a large depth of focus and a 110-degree field of view. This new scope has resolution performance that is diffraction limited. The 0, 30 or 70 Degree, 4 millimeter X 170 millimeter scope has a depth of focus from 0.5 millimeter to infinity and with the standard scope, the camera coupler has magnification capabilities on a 14-inch monitor to over 100X. Reply 36

The Autoscope from Lenox Instrument Co. is designed for inspection of any fixed-wing aircraft reciprocating engine. It is a portable, battery-powered borescope with a probe diameter of either 6 or 8 millimeters, field of view of 70 degrees, focus from 1/4 inch and up, and working lengths of 9 inches to 15 inches. An optional angled viewer accessory is available. The visual diagnostic kit includes eyepiece and probe with internal lens and light system, battery pack, battery extension cord and storage/carrying case. Reply 37

Machida Inc.'s latest product is a Video Fiberscope System, the VBF Series. This is a regular fiberscope with a camera built into the body. It features autofocus and elimination of the eyepiece and eliminates the hassles of camera connections. After the equipment is turned on, it is available for the inspection. The system is available in different lengths and diameters. Reply 38

The IPLEX MX from Olympus Industrial is an ultra-compact videoscope system. Battery-operated and weighing less than 10 pounds, the IPLEX MX has a 6-millimeter diameter durable flexible insertion tube that is 3.0 meter in length. It uses LED illumination for improved optical quality and depth of field. The IPLEX MX features still image recording to a removable memory card, 3X image zoom, joystick articulation, electronic brightness and exposure control, and a monochrome boost image mode to enhance observation in large or dark voids. Reply 39

The FOP-1000 general purpose fiberoptic borescope from Phase II features a B-style, diopter adjustable eyepiece, with focusing and 10X magnification, screw on 90-degree viewing tip, stay-put stainless flexible shaft and heavy duty carrying case. The bore scope has a shaft diameter of 0.312 inch, shaft length of 24 inches, a minimum bend radius of 1.5 inches and 60-degrees field of view and a 0.2 inch to 3-inch depth of field. Reply 40

Industrial endoscopes from Volpi Manufacturing USA feature integrated fiberoptic illumination, high resolution, ocular and video-optics with quick disconnect, and mirror tubes for side-viewing applications. Reply 41