The CM-140 MCL, CB-140 MCL, CM-200 MCL and CB-200 MCL are digital progressive scan CCD cameras. The cameras are digital Mini Camera Link (Mini-CL) versions of the company’s analog CV-A1 and CV-A2 cameras, used in machine vision applications and other applications where vision technology is an integrated part of a product, process or service. By implementing the Mini-CL interface standard, the camera housing is kept at the same compact 29- by 44- by 66-millimeter size (H x W x L) as the CV-A1 and CV-A2 analog cameras. This means that machine vision systems using analog cameras can switch (drop-in replacements) to Mini-CL, taking advantage of digital interfacing. In addition, because of the common housing size, there is no need for time-consuming and costly mechanical/optical redesign. With a 1.45-megapixel resolution (1/2-inch SXGA), the CM-140 MCL and CB-140 MCL cameras operate at a maximum 31 frames per second, while the CM-200 MCL and CB-200 MCL have a 2-megapixel resolution (¹⁄1.8-inches UXGA) and operate at a maximum 25 frames per second. Both monochrome (CM-variants) and Bayer mosaic color (CB-variant) versions are available, allowing designers to switch easily between monochrome and color as required by the application.