Leuven, Belgium - Metris and Automated Precision Inc. (API) announce the formation of a joint distributor agreement. API will become a nonexclusive distributor for Metris MCA articulated measuring arms and ModelMaker D/C handheld laser scanners. At the same time, Metris will become a nonexclusive distributor of the API’s Tracker3 Laser Tracker.

Philippe Vandormael, chief operating officer of Metris states, “We are very pleased with this distributor agreement, as it complements our unique product offering for large-scale metrology applications with API laser trackers. Metris will integrate API trackers in Metris’ IS&T (Integration Services and Technology) solutions. I am convinced this partnership will enhance both companies’ solutions and produce an immediate benefit for both.”

Jeffrey K. Okamitsu, vice president business development for API, says, “This joint distributor agreement is a strategic win for API and Metris. The agreement will enable both companies to expand their product offerings and still maintain a focus on their core products, technologies and markets. API, in particular, sees the opportunity to develop more comprehensive and complete solutions for its customers.”