NUBURU, Inc. announced that it has signed a joint technology agreement with GE Additive, to explore the speed, accuracy, and commercial benefits of blue laser-based metal 3D printing. 

“As we continue to advance our proprietary blue laser technology, we have further increased both power and brightness to open up new applications,” said Dr. Mark Zediker, CEO and co-founder of NUBURU. “We’ve achieved key performance milestones that open new possibilities for significant advances in metal 3D printing. Working with GE Additive, and their expertise in metal additive manufacturing, will allow us to rapidly optimize our innovative area printing approach. That will accelerate the further expansion of our pioneering blue laser into innovative metal 3D printing solutions which have the potential to change the landscape of military logistics; aerospace manufacturing; medical device fabrication, and beyond.”

“As an industry leader in metal 3D printing and having been on the leading edge of qualifying parts in regulated industries, we’re excited to evaluate NUBURU blue industrial laser technology and its benefits,” said Chris Schuppe, General Manager, Engineering & Technology of GE Additive.

NUBURU’s novel approach to additive manufacturing is built on the foundation of blue light absorption by metals, a fundamental physical advantage that offers the highest efficiency laser-based melting for a wide range of industrially important metals. Combining the blue laser module with an innovative optical conditioning system, the NUBURU light engine is at the heart of the expected performance improvements. GE Additive will provide a powder bed system and expertise in the integration and characterization of this next generation prototype light engine, to quantify the performance improvements over existing technology.

This joint development agreement is in addition to an agreement with GE Additive to support NUBURU’s previously announced AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract awarded to NUBURU in 2022.

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