CINCINNATI, OH-The Modal Shop Inc., provider of structural vibration and acoustic sensing systems, is offering free parts tests to determine the feasibility of quality assurance testing via the resonant acoustic method (NDT-RAM). Resonant inspection is commonly used to test for a number of flaws in powder metal, cast (including ductile iron), ceramic, forged and stamped parts. The parts test allows manufacturers to send good and bad parts in for feasibility testing by the company’s engineers and receive a detailed written report on the results prior to any capital investment.

The NDT-RAM inspection technique uses an instrumented impact hammer and a microphone for quality assurance testing metal parts and composites via the acoustic signature of components, allowing for fully automated quality control testing of 100% of parts in a production environment. With no part preparation required, this technique can successfully identify internal and external flaws due to cracks, voids, nodularity, material density, dimensions, bonding and missed manufacturing processes.