AURORA, IL — Mitutoyo America Corporation is now providing free online video training in dimensional metrology with the opportunity to earn certified credentials to demonstrate competency.

Available credentials include both theory, through online tests, and performance, involving hands-on demonstration of skills.

The online training and certified credentials are available through the Mitutoyo Institute of Metrology, the educational department of Mitutoyo America, which provides courses and on-demand resources across a wide variety of measurement related topics, including basic inspection techniques, principles of dimensional metrology, calibration methods and GD&T.

Material from Mitutoyo’s calibration course is used in the first online videos, which together create a standards-based course entitled “General Calibration Concepts, Micrometers and Calipers.” The training material combines concepts from the available American National Standards in dimensional metrology with best calibration practices at Mitutoyo America. Metrology professionals can now access all the calibration training videos through the Mitutoyo America website or Mitutoyo America YouTube Channel.

To supplement the free online training, and to provide an opportunity to demonstrate learning and competency, the first two certified credentials are now available in dimensional calibration. The Level 1 theory credential is a single online test that covers the material from the online video course, including general calibration concepts, overview of dimensional calibration elements, and the calibration of micrometers and calipers. A test can be taken for a nominal fee of $75.

The Level 2 performance credential involves performing the calibrations of micrometers and calipers within expected levels of accuracy. The Level 2 performance test is available at locations throughout the U.S. for a nominal fee of $250.

For those already experienced in dimensional calibration methods, it is possible to take the tests at any time. Mitutoyo America recognizes that many organizations, looking to meet quality system requirements and the demands of auditors, are seeking cost effective means to demonstrate the competency of their experienced calibration personnel. Credentials can therefore be earned by anyone passing the tests and there is no requirement to watch the training videos or attend any Mitutoyo educational course prior to the test.

The Mitutoyo Institute of Metrology will continue to offer traditional classroom courses, as well. For those attending the Gage Calibration course, the opportunity to take the tests and earn Level 1 and Level 2 credentials will be available at no additional cost. For more information, visit