NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI – Wilcox Associates Inc., a Hexagon Metrology company, today introduced PC-DMIS Vision 2009 with a new patented MultiCapture feature that typically improves measurement productivity by 35%, or more when the part is densely populated with features requiring inspection. PC-DMIS Vision 2009 is a CAD-based, 3-D vision measurement program for manual and DCC vision measurement systems, multi-sensor measurement systems and CMMs equipped with vision probes. The new version is available at no charge to users with a maintenance agreement. It also available as a retrofit for most popular vision and multisensor measurement systems.

In addition to the new MultiCapture feature, PC-DMIS Vision 2009 also includes RGB pixel adjustment for improved edge detection with color cameras, support for multi-core processors, and numerous improvements that enhance the software’s stability and lay the foundation for other advanced features in future releases. A demo showing a measurement routine with and without MultiCapture can be found at