KRC Machine Tool Services, a retrofitter for GE, Fanuc and Siemens Energy & Automation, marks its 20th anniversary this year. Source: KRC Machine Tools Services

INDEPENDENCE, KY-KRC Machine Tool Services, a retrofitter for GE, Fanuc and Siemens Energy & Automation, marks its 20th anniversary this year. Current customers include Mazak, GE Aircraft Engines, Boeing, GKN Aerospace and other companies in the aerospace, oil and gas, mining and heavy equipment industries.

The company employs 60 and has a fleet of 10 specially equipped, radio-dispatched service vehicles.

The company now enters new partnerships with many of the above customers and others to create “special” machines for unusual, often single-use, machine tools and in many cases is asked to partner to refine a new process or take a new technology from the research facility to full production.

“Have the right people owning the right responsibility to take the right action,” says Scott Ashworth, president, KRCMTS. “A business may possess a pool of talented individuals, but unless they are strategically placed in positions tailored to fit their skills and abilities, the company may be underutilizing its greatest asset. One of the most important rules for a successful business is to never lose a good employee. Without a strong employee base, a business will most likely falter.”

“In addition to never losing a good employee, you must never lose a good customer,” adds Ashworth. “We sincerely appreciate every one of our customers and this fact can be demonstrated by the outstanding relationships that have been formed over the last 20 years. No customer is ever too small and no customer can ever be overlooked or taken for granted. After all, customers have kept KRCMTS around for 20 years, and we’re looking forward to serving them for many more to come.”

“We have recently embarked on creating a superior sales team, led by Jeff Wilmink, vice president sales and marketing, to get our share of a shrinking market and ensure our position as the market leader,” Ashworth says. “Aside from staying on the right track with the right employees and nurturing relationships with customers as well as potential clients, our team of employees will continue to focus on delivering top performance, while working closely with today’s management team to keep abreast of the ongoing technology innovations necessary to serve-to anticipate-the ever-changing needs of the customers and prospects we support.”

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