Creaform, a business unit of AMETEK, Inc., celebrated its 20th anniversary. A unique microsite has been put together to highlight the uninterrupted innovation and disruptive technology the company has strived to put forward throughout the years.

Established in 2002 in Canada, Creaform was born out of the need to change the status quo. What started as a metrology and engineering consulting firm turned into a global leader in portable and automated dimensional metrology solutions. Now, 20 years later—the company continues to redefine the boundaries of 3D metrology and engineering services by constantly pushing back the limits of innovation.

Thanks to its 3D scanners’ portability, ease of use, powerful dynamic referencing algorithms and the metrology-grade attribute of its dimensional measurement devices, Creaform brings measurement capabilities out of metrology labs and enables manufacturers around the world to accurately measure anything, anywhere. 

Global manufacturers from several industries continue to gain tangible benefits from using Creaform’s 3D measurement hardware and software, such as enhanced, safer, and more robust designs, shortened product development and accelerated time to market; improved manufacturing processes, better collaboration amongst colleagues, suppliers, and customers; and the optimisation of maintenance and repair assessments.

“It would be easy to illustrate our success by the number of employees, offices, and distributor-partners on which Creaform has relied through its 20-year history,” commented Fanny Truchon, President and Business Unit Manager at Creaform. “In fact, none of this really matters if we lose sight of ‘why’ we exist: solving the industry’s most complex 3D measurement challenges. So, our 20th anniversary is also about what’s ahead, because we know that in our fast-changing world, we can’t rely on historic accomplishments to define our future.” 

“Never Stop Innovating” seeks to inspire everyone so that Creaform can continue to create a better tomorrow and deliver extraordinary value for their customers, employees and partners for the next 20 years.

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