North Kingstown, RI-Metrology solutions provider Hexagon Metrology has acquired the French software company Technodigit SARL, developer of 3Dreshaper, a package designed for 3-D point cloud and 3-D mesh manipulation for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, product design and industrial inspection.

“The great promise of laser scanning in industrial measuring applications has always been the enormous amounts of high-density data that is collected,” says Ken Woodbine, president of Wilcox Associates, the Hexagon Metrology software development group and publisher of PC-DMIS measurement software. “However, working with the vast amount of 3-D data points that you can now collect in a matter of a few seconds can be a challenge. The file sizes are enormous, and in raw form, the data isn’t necessarily organized in a way that’s useful. That’s where the software comes in. The 3DReshaper application is a fully-realized 3-D package on its own, with powerful features like the ability to import point clouds of unlimited size, mesh shaping and editing, and 3-D surface comparison for inspection. Many customers have been asking us for these kinds of capabilities as they push further into the requirement to characterize free-form surfaces. Customers in the aerospace, medical, dental, surveying, automotive, power generation and die and mold markets will appreciate the wide variety of capabilities that 3DReshaper brings to the table.”

“Hexagon Metrology companies have been good customers for us for many years,” says Pascal Lefebvre-Albaret, president of Technodigit. “Gradually, this relationship has transformed into a partnership and ultimately we were asked to join the Hexagon Metrology family. We are very proud to be part of the world’s leading metrology group, with the ability to offer our advanced technology as part of Hexagon’s portfolio of software solutions.”

The acquisition is effective immediately, and the Technodigit development team will join the Hexagon Metrology software development group.

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