The Surfcom 1900SD2 produces both surface and contour measurements. The roughness and contour combination system has a maintenance-free linear motor drive. The noncontact drive and simple structure of the linear motor ensure stable vibration-free operation. The system operates with speeds of up to 3 millimeters per second for roughness measurement, 20 millimeters per second for waviness measurement and 60 millimeters per second for movement speeds.

A teaching and playback function automates a series of processes, from measurement and analysis to pasting of data to generate an inspection report. The system offers a measuring range of 1,000 micrometers with an OD of 14 millimeters and a measuring magnification of 500,000X for roughness measurements. The contour detector achieves an accuracy of 2.5 micrometers with a measuring range of 5 millimeters.

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