MELVILLE, NY and CAMPBELL, CA - Leviton Manufacturing Co and Coulomb Technologies have announced an OEM, product and marketing partnership for the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) market. Through the agreement with Coulomb, Leviton’s EVSE product family including home and public charging stations will be network-enabled by the ChargePoint Network through an open interface architecture that provides Leviton customers advanced features similar to all charging stations on the ChargePoint network.

“Coulomb is thrilled to see Leviton, a trusted world-class manufacturing company, join a growing number of EVSE providers by being a part of the ChargePoint Network which provides a suite of software business applications for the owners and users of EV charging infrastructure,” says Richard Lowenthal, CEO of Coulomb Technologies. “Through our open network interface, Leviton brings a large suite of proven EV apps to their customers.”

According to Mike Mattei, vice president and general manager for Leviton’s commercial and industrial division, “Leviton now has a complete solution for home and public EV charging, providing the charging stations as well as installation by certified contractors and extensive customer service. We are pleased to partner with Coulomb as it aligns with our intent to create a growing portfolio of green solutions and helps bring an established technology and network to our existing customer base.”

Leviton will market these charging stations to residential, workplace and public markets including existing and new customers, builders, higher education, government, hospitality, Fortune 500, commercial real estate and auto manufacturers.