ANAHEIM, CA - Nikon Metrology and Verisurf Software have made it possible for manufacturers to drive all Nikon portable metrology devices from Verisurf’s common software platform. Supported Nikon metrology devices include Laser Radar, K-Series optical CMM’s configured with scanners and probes, MCA II articulated arm configured with scanners and probes, and the iGPS.

“Verisurf is proud to partner with Nikon and offer engineers a major breakthrough in measurement and inspection,” says Ernie Husted, president of Verisurf. “Having advanced inspection software that drives all of their metrology devices will dramatically increase their customer’s manufacturing efficiency by saving countless hours learning and using multiple software interfaces, while significantly reducing software maintenance and technical support costs across their enterprise.”

“This partnership is a huge benefit to our metrology customers,” says Doug Kappler, director of Nikon Metrology Large Scale Division. “In addition to being able to offer a single software platform for all Nikon portable metrology devices, the software provides fully automated and programmable measurements.”

Under the terms of the global OEM agreement Nikon will sell, market, train and support Verisurf software when bundled with Nikon Metrology devices.

Verisurf’s new X platform is the latest release of its popular computer aided inspection and reverse engineering software. The X platform gives engineers unprecedented value with new device interfaces, improved inspection guidance functionality and feature extraction for reverse engineering. An updated VDI has added many new non-contact measurement and automation controls for the Nikon Metrology Laser Radar, enabling this sophisticated metrology device to perform at its highest level.