SANTA BARBARA, CA- Ryerson, Master and Associates Inc. (RMA), a provider of climate change verification and technical advisory services, has changed its name to LRQA Americas Sustainability Inc.

The new name reflects the company’s determination to deliver a wider range of services to support sustainable business operations.

For more than a decade, the company has worked with clients across North America to manage complex environmental issues, such as climate action planning, preparing carbon footprints and reporting greenhouse gas emissions.

It is one of the longest-standing accredited greenhouse gas verification bodies in the United States.

Since joining the Lloyd's Register Group in 2009, clients have increasingly looked to LRQA Americas Sustainability’s experience and technical expertise in the verification of greenhouse gas emissions to address a wider range of social and environmental issues, including energy efficiency, social responsibility and corporate water management, among others.

The name change also strengthens the ties between the company and the global LRQA climate change and sustainability network.