Data Recorder

The Dash 20HF is a data recorder for long-term capture of high-frequency data and transient signals. The unit supports recording up to 20 analog channels to an internal hard drive at sample rates of up to 500 kilohertz and a bandwidth of 100 kilohertz per channel. The unit is portable and appropriate for applications ranging from transient capture to remote troubleshooting in the aerospace, automotive, electric utility, pulp and paper, metal manufacturing, and medical field. It provides the operator with real-time display and analysis of data. High frequency data captures can be saved directly to the hard drive for later review and analysis. The digital signal processing of the unit provides a variety of data-capture filtering capabilities, including low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, RMS and notch filtering. Frequency counter inputs also are included.

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Manual X-Y Scanner

The Glider is a manual 2-axis encoding scanner designed primarily for the inspection of composite and aluminum aircraft parts such as fuselages. It is compatible with phased array or conventional ultrasonic probes as well as conventional eddy current and eddy current array probes. Both axes offer a free-running, incremental or lock mode. The standard, pivot-equipped suction cup pods enable contour following on curved surfaces while the optional magnetic mounting pods extend the versatility of this scanner to corrosion-mapping applications involving ferromagnetic materials. With a light, aluminum frame and removable index arm, the instrument can be transported or reassembled for use on multiple parts. It is available in three sizes, providing scan areas of 46 centimeters by 46 centimeters, 61 centimeters by 61 centimeters, and 91 centimeters by 91 centimeters. It will interface with the OmniScan modular flaw detector or any other data acquisition system.

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Data Recorder Software

Quality View Mode is a software option that configures the CL5 precision thickness gage to more quickly capture and communicate inspection data to Microsoft Excel or a third-party quality analysis software program. The software is available with the purchase of the data recorder for all current and future owners of the gage. The gage can be used in the aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and power generation industries, as both a quality control and production metrology tool. It can be used to spot check the thickness of incoming material on metal or plastic components, and to monitor mechanical shaping or fabrication operations by carrying out incoming, intermediate and final thickness measurements. The software is compatible with a range of contact and delay line transducers, which allows it to make, capture and review more than 250 precision measurements on each individual workpiece.

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The ForeEyes 2020 X2TS is a third-generation videoscope that has a high-resolution 7-inch touch screen display, 80-gigabyte hard drive and WiFi capability. The videoscope is not only smaller (2.5 pounds) than its predecessor, it also offers double the hard drive space and an easy-to-use interface by eliminating all of the front keys. The instrument can be used with either the company’s standard waterproof CCD camera or with its 6-millimeter or 8-millimeter diameter DZ series articulating video probes.

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Force Testing Frames

The MultiTest-x range of console-controlled force testing frames offers a solution to product quality testing in design, quality control labs and production environments. Available in a range of capacities from 1,000 newtons (225 lbf) to 25 kilonewtons (5,500 lbf), the frames are used for precision tension and compression testing throughout the aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, packaging, plastics and textiles industries. The frames have simple membrane keypad interface for ease of operation and use pre-programmed tests or operator-defined test programs (up to 30). Program features include load holding, speeds from 0.1 millimeter to 1,000 millimeters per minute, automatic free height capture and pass/fail reporting.

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Pressure Sensors

Series 106, 116, 122, 123 and 124 pressure sensors are for the measurement of combustion instability and high-intensity acoustics in rocket motors. The hermetically sealed, piezoelectric pressure sensors are structured with acceleration-compensated quartz sensing elements and detect rapid pressure transients, pulsations, turbulence, noise and spikes. They are appropriate for rocket motor testing to verify the amplitude and mode of instabilities during motor firings. Other applications include evaluation of liquid rocket injectors, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, exhaust systems, compressors, turbines, pumps and pipelines, jet engines, and weapons discharge.

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Slim Borescopes

Hawkeye Pro SuperSlim borescopes are available in lengths of 10, 14 and 17 inches. The scope can be used in deep, very narrow bores in machined parts, fuel and hydraulic systems, castings, tubing, firearms and other products. The scopes have an outside diameter of 0.11 inches, allowing inspection of bores as small as 1/8 inch. They use the patented endoGRINs lens system, which allows them to relay images at a long distance while maintaining image quality. Operators can clearly see surface finishes and defects like burrs in deep bores and cross-holes. The scopes feature a zero-degree direction-of-view, a 40-degree field-of-view and offer a rotating 90-degree direction-of-view with a mirror tube attachment.

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