The Dryscan 410D is a digital flaw detector for the nondestructive testing of high-technology materials such as composites, hybrids and honeycomb structures found throughout industries such as aerospace, aviation and marine. Because of the instrument’s transducers, no coupling medium is required to contact the transducers to the test material, no material surface preparation is required and many of the geometric considerations that are applied to conventional ultrasonic detection methods can be ignored. The instrument has a tunable filter that can be adjusted for the best signal response for the material under test, which allows significantly increased sensitivity, while maintaining low noise, enabling the testing of attenuative materials. Designed to test materials having geometrically complicated patterns, other applications for the instrument include friction materials, plastic and rubber composites, GRP/CFRP in many forms, EB welding, root pass welds, ceramics, tires (automotive and aircraft), wood, laminate and honeycomb sections in aluminum, stainless steel and paper.