A manual weld inspection solution is available that includes conventional ultrasound and phased array ultrasound. The solution includes software for the OmniScan flaw detector and a line of phased array probes, the WPS series. The software and probes have been developed for weld inspectors who would like to integrate phased array technology in their nondestructive testing inspections. OmniScan 2.1 software has a simplified phased array interface and includes a RayTracing feature that provides a visual display of the phased array beams in the weld area and a weld overlay feature to simplify data interpretation. The software also includes conventional UT sizing curves (DAC/TCG, ASME, JIS, DGS) as well as AWS and API code wizards. WPS phased array weld inspection probes have a small footprint to allow inspections close to the weld crown.

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