New Ohio Administrative Code rule 3701:1-66-12, Industrial Radiography and Irradiation Devices Utilizing Radiation-Generating Equipment, approved by the Ohio Department of Health’s Public Health Council* on March 26, 2009, replaces the prior rule with the same number. This rule is effective October 1, 2009.

Paragraph G(1) of the new rule now requires that all industrial radiographers be certified through an independent program approved by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors Inc.(CRCPD), or equivalent certification approved by the director. The Requirements for an Independent Certifying Organization are defined in Appendix A and specifies adherence to the rule’s paragraph F for the topics that must be covered by such examinations.

Personnel needing to qualify can take exams from the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT). ASNT is an Independent Certifying Organization and the ASNT Industrial Radiography Radiation Safety Personnel (IRRSP) program is approved by the NRC and the CRCPD. For details regarding IRRSP and exam applications visit IRRSP Certification or call the Technical Services Department at (800) 222-2768.

Should you have questions about rule 3701:1-66-12 or want to participate in discussion relative to this rule or others regarding radiation regulations in Ohio, join the Ohio Bureau of Radiation's list service by contacting them at [email protected].