Frame Grabber

The PIXCI EC1 ExpressCard/54 is a frame grabber for camera link cameras and notebook computers. The frame grabber supports almost all full, medium and base configuration camera link cameras with the PIXCI EC1’s 250-megabytes-per-second burst rate or the 204-megabytes-per-second sustained data rate. The frame grabber is bundled with the XCAP-Lite imaging program.

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Fixed Focal Length Lenses

Techspec lenses are fixed focal point lenses that offer object-space resolution of more than two line-pairs per millimeter, and are available in popular focal lengths such as 8.5 and 12 millimeters. These lenses are designed for high-speed, high-resolution imaging, making them suited for online inspection applications. The high-resolution fixed focal length lenses support sensors as large as 2/3 inch and provide an angular field of view greater than 40 degrees. At the lens’ minimum working distance of 200 millimeters, this corresponds to a field 240 millimeters wide for the 8.5-millimeter focal length lens (#58-000) and 155 millimeters for the 12-millimeter focal length lens (#58-001). The short focal lengths of these macro lenses allow them to work in low-lighting applications, offering speeds as fast as f-1.3. Features include a low-profile housing, variable focus and iris adjustments with detents and a standard C-mount interface for convenient camera coupling.

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Optical Inspection Systems

VisionGauge online high-speed, high-accuracy automated optical inspection systems have high-speed servomotor-based motion on all three axes. They come in full gantry configuration so it is the camera that is in motion and the parts under inspection do not move. These systems include a high-resolution digital color camera and are offered with a range of optical and illumination configurations. For each application, the most appropriate configuration can be selected to best suit the requirements.

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FireWire-B Cameras

The FireDragon line of progressive scan cameras uses FireWire-B (IEEE-1394.b) technology, which results in transfer rates of 800 megabytes per second, or twice that of FireWire a or USB 2.0 cameras. Available in eight models, the series leverages the architecture of FireWire b. In addition to increasing transfer rates, FireWire b enables the cameras to achieve outstanding imaging results with less signal distortion, increased throughput and the added versatility afforded by its backwards compatibility with conventional 1394.a. The series is available in monochrome and color vision versions, extending the advantages of FireWire b to almost any machine vision application. Many models deliver full-frame images at up to 90 frames per second and resolutions ranging from VGA (640 by 480) to UXGA (1,600 by 1,200). Monochrome output can be set for eight or 10 bit, while color output can be set at RGB 24 bit, YUV422 or YUV411. Camera CCD sizes are 1/3, 1/2, 1/1.8 or 2/3 inch.

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FireWire Cameras

The TX Series’ FireWire cameras have a modular setup of the matrix that supports the IEEE1394b interface with data transfer rates up to 80 megabytes per second. The TX Series-consisting of the TXF and TXD product lines-supports the asynchronous data transfer (Baumer FCAM) as well as the isochronous data transfer (DCAM). While the TXD cameras support the DCAM standard, the TXF cameras can use the advantages of the asynchronous data transfer, including more bandwidth and safe data transfer. Through the bilingual design, the new IEEEb cameras are FireWire b and a compatible. Both lines of TXF and TXD consist of six models (monochrome and color versions of each) with resolutions from VGA up to 2 million pixels, which can achieve frame rates of up to 90 frames per second.

Baumer Ltd.
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3-D Camera

The Ranger is a camera for 3-D scanner manufacturers and vision integrators that is capable of 3-D vision inspections of up to 35,000 profiles per second. It also can achieve measurements down to less than 10 micrometers. The camera has interchangeable optics and can be combined with light sources in setups optimized for each application, making it suitable for a range of applications-from small-sized electronic component inspection to large-scale log inspections. With multiple interface options, including CameraLink and Gigabit Ethernet, the camera offers more flexibility for integrating these automation tools. In addition, it can perform multiple types of inspections simultaneously-such as high-speed 3-D, high-resolution grayscale and a patented inspection method called scatter.

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