Photoelectric Sensors

A photoelectric sensor family designed for small parts conveying equipment is available. The BOS 11K helps designers reduce a machine’s overall footprint on the factory floor. The family includes diffuse, retro-reflective, polarized retro-reflective and thru-beam styles all within the same compact 34.5- by 29.3- by 15-millimeter T-style housing. Designed for use with the company’s BMS mounting system, the family can be positioned almost anywhere at any angle. Its threaded T-body snout-mount shape allows for rapid installation, cutting mounting time and labor cost. Its ultrasonically welded IP67 housing also has enhanced diagnostic LEDs as well as a 360-degree LED window. The sensors and mounting system are optimized for use in tight locations common to flexible packaging, tabletop and general conveyor applications. The BOS 11K is UL and CSA approved and fully protected against damage from short-circuits, polarity, reversal and voltage spikes.

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5-Megapixel Cameras

The SV5C10 12-bit color and the SV5M10 12-bit monochrome are 5-megapixel, 10-frames-per-second cameras. They are externally triggered or free run, have flexible interface cables and convenient software control. The area of interest is adjustable for higher frame rates. The cameras capture high-quality uncompressed video rate sequences to computer memory or a hard drive.

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Smart Cameras

New versions of the company’s IVC-2D and IVC-3D smart cameras are available-the IVC-2D Reader, IVC-2D R, IVC-3D 30, IVC-3D 300 and IVC-3D Food & Beverage. The expanded product families are now able to handle more industry-specific applications. New options include bar code reading and optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities on the 2-D cameras, and an expanded range of 3-D solutions.

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Infrared Cameras

T-series infrared cameras operate at 76,800 pixels and have proprietary Advanced Signal Processing (ASP), delivering 4X the resolution of a 160 by 120 infrared camera. The series also has a simultaneous 1.3-mega-pixel visual camera, one-hand control ergonomics, eight-hour battery life and isothermic thermal fusion. One-touch automatic or manual focus, 8X continuous zoom, high thermal sensitivity, five temperature spots, Delta T functionality, operator-directed audible/visible alarming, and voice and touch screen controls are further features of the series.

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Signature Cameras

Cameras that detect any kind of image manipulation, such as image optimization or image forgery, are available. The internal signature feature is available in more than 170 models and can be operated at megapixel resolution with real-time signal processing. Additionally, the signature function provides forgery-proof image data. The signature is created inside the camera according to the 1,024-bit RSA signature procedure and 512-bit SHA hash function. Therefore, the signature complies with all technical legal requirements for advanced and qualified electronic signatures.

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Software Library

Halcon is a machine vision software library that supports various new image acquisition devices. The software now offers the following new interfaces: interface to uEye Gigabit-Ethernet cameras from IDS; interface to microEnable IV camera link boards from Silicon Software; and interfaces for camera series TXF and TXD from Baumer.

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Machine Vision Illuminator

The Fiber-Lite DC950H machine vision fiber optic illuminator is available for machine vision integrators. The 150-watt quartz halogen regulated illuminator is RoHS compliant and has DC regulated output, fast lamp response and a 0 to 5 VDC remote intensity control interface with linear voltage adjustment (8 bit D/A module available). The illuminator can be operated remotely and offers remote notification of lamp failure to decrease downtime. The steel housing makes the unit stackable and provides mounting capability. The front panel can be accessed easily for fast lamp changes. Several illuminating options are available, including color filtering, manual iris (for intensity adjustment at a constant color temperature) and an analog or digital remote interface. The nosepiece is compatible with all of the company’s standard fiber optic configurations.

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Miniature Sensors for High-Pressure Environments

The Series E range of miniature sensors can withstand up to 300 psi continuously on the front face. Available in 4-millimeter, M5, 6.5-millimeter and M8 sizes, these devices can be embedded in pressurized systems to detect moving elements or targets. A typical application would be gear tooth detection for speed or position control in gearboxes, dispensing and water pumps, and similar equipment. In addition to its high degree of sealing, this range has a 5-kilohertz switched output that can be essential when counting small gear teeth reliably. The sensing faces are made from tough sapphire on the 4-millimeter and M5 versions and from thick ceramic on the 6.5-millimeter and M8 models. The housings are precision machined from tough AISI 303 stainless steel, which is resistant to most corrosive liquids and media. High flexibility polyurethane (PUR) cables are fitted to all models. PUR is resistant to most oils and remains flexible even at low temperatures, preventing cracking or splitting that can lead to system failure.

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Measurement and Gaging Sensors

Version 1.5 of the EyeSpector machine vision sensor family for generic measurement and gaging tasks is available. The included software strengthens the feature set and adds 20 graphically programmable image-processing functions. Support for robot vision also has been added to make 2-D and 3-D calibration and communication with robots easier. The communication functions allow for data transfer among several smart cameras and hosts, expanding applicability to more difficult multi-camera and 3-D applications. The family works with VC4xxx Series real-time and network-ready Smart Camera Series, including all color, line scan and megapixel models up to 240 frames per second. Operators can configure applications from a PC through an easy-to-use Windows GUI interface without the trouble of programming. Operators can select and click functions and enter tolerances to ready the application for use. Operators also have the ability to process rotated images and transmit classification results with subpixel accuracy.

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Cameras with CCD Sensor

The TX and F Series make optimal use of the 5-megapixel monochrome CCD sensor. This new imaging sensor and the 12-bit signal processor are the basis for series image quality and performance. The new cameras are suited for applications that require high frame rates in combination with high resolutions. In high-speed mode the cameras support up to 15 full frames per second and can be used in many new industrial applications. The ²⁄³-inch sensor format allows the use of commonly available standard lenses. The models provide functions such as gain, exposure time settings, as well as the implementation of customized features. Settings such as binning and true partial scan (ROI) readout modes are available to improve the sensitivity for low-light applications or to increase the frame rate for high-speed applications.

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Color Vision

The FZ color vision sensor makes it possible to automate inspection of low-contrast color objects at high speed with reliable results by using true color technology and intelligent cameras. The Advanced Real Color Sensing (ARCS) engine captures and processes 16.77 million colors-approaching human color perception-and out-performs systems that use monochrome or false-color contrast conversion and analysis methods. The system has up to a four-camera capability and true color conversion. The FZ controller comes built into a touch screen LCD monitor to reduce panel space, or in a conventional box-type unit. Intelligent cameras with built-in lighting have zoom capabilities with auto-focus and auto-iris to shorten production line changeover. The controller allows remote monitoring as well as control of focus, aperture, field of view and lighting of cameras.

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