CCD Camera

The Pike F-505 has a Sony ExView HAD CCD sensor with 5 megapixels of resolution. The camera comes in black and white and color versions. It has FireWire IEEE 1394b (S800) interface, giving it a frame rate of up to 15 frames per second in full resolution. The standard version has two copper connectors that allow several cameras to be linked together in a daisy chain. There is an optional fiberoptic version with one copper connector and one fiberoptic connector that can operate at distances of up to 1,500 feet between the camera and the PC. The anti-smear function and 8X binning provide clear pictures in high- or low-light conditions.

Allied Vision Technologies GmbH
+49 4102 / 6688-196

Camera Cable

A CameraLink cable line is available that includes standard cable and power over CameraLink (PoCL) cable, which has power transmission capabilities. PoCL is available for standard CameraLink or mini CameraLink (MiniCL) assemblies. MiniCL uses a smaller connector than the traditional cable but incorporates the same hardware and software protocols. The cable has 28 AWG conductors and meets the requirements of Appendix D and E of the CameraLink specification. It uses proprietary elastomer jacketing material for industrial and outdoor environments. The cable is suitable for applications that require abrasion resistance, flame resistance, high- and low-temperature stability, sunlight/ultraviolet resistance and water resistance.

Northwire Inc.
(800) 468-1516

ICCD Camera Lens Controller

The AG-7000 is an intensified charge-coupled device (ICCD) camera for low-light applications. It combines a Gen III Ultra intensifier tube with an interlaced CCD camera, offering standard RS-170 analog video output for connectivity to monitors and image acquisition cards. The camera is 45 millimeters (H) by 51 millimeters (W) by 87 millimeters (L). It is capable of resolving images at 1 x 10-6 lux at the faceplate, and 1 x 10-4 lux through an f1.4 aperture. Full auto-gating is provided to automatically protect the sensor against bright environments and enable the camera to be safely used in a variety of day and night applications. The camera has an integrated 3-axis lens controller for use with motorized lenses.

JAI Inc.
(408) 383-4394

GigE Cameras

The GiantDragon line of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) and GenICam compliant industrial cameras is comprised of nine monochrome and color models, all leveraging the benefits of the AIA GigE Vision open standard. The cameras deliver bandwidth streams of noncompressed imaging data to host PCs via CAT-5e and CAT 6 cables to distances of up to 100 meters without specialized interface hardware or frame grabbers. Models are available that offer up to 90 frames per second and resolutions as high as 1,600 by 1,200 UXGA. Housings for each camera are identical, measuring 44 by 29 by 70 millimeters and having C-mount lenses.

Toshiba Teli Corp.
(949) 770-8354

Photodiode-Preamp Combo

The TO-39 is a photodetector-preamplifier combination device that has high gain in low-light environments. The low-light, high-sensitivity component has a large active area that operates in the near infrared (NIR) wavelength. The device offers 500 Mohm gain with custom gains also available. The device is based on proprietary shielded amplifier electronics, having low noise and high sensitivity. The hermetically sealed component is suitable for assembly in confined spaces and applications such as fluorescence, microscopy and analytical chemistry. Storage and operating temperature ranges from -25 C to +100 C.

Opto Diode Corp.
(805) 499-0335 ext. 312

High-Speed Camera

The Fastcam SA3 is a megapixel, high-speed video imaging camera designed to withstand high-G and rugged environments. Suitable for automotive safety testing, the camera has 17-micron pixel size for high frame rate or low-light applications. The 12-bit complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) camera system with 2-microsecond global shuttering is available in two configurations and two memory options-2 or 4 gigabyte. Model 60K performs at 1,024 by 1,024 full pixel resolution up to 1,000 frames per second (fps), and offers reduced resolution up to 60,000 fps. Model 120K operates at 1,024 by 1,024 full-pixel resolution up to 2,000 fps, with reduced resolution up to 120,000 fps.

Photron Inc.
(800) 585-2129

Vision Sensor

The Checker 232 provides inspection of small features on production lines, detecting and inspecting up to 1,500 parts per minute. It is appropriate for applications in which small features are being inspected on large parts, such as the inspection of clips and springs on large automotive assemblies. The sensor also is appropriate for situations in which the vision sensor must be mounted far from the area of inspection. There is no limit to the number of part features that a single sensor can inspect, because the sensor uses multi-image analysis to determine if a part is present without an external trigger, which also enables it to track parts in varying positions along the production line.

Cognex Corp.
(508) 650-3000

Distance Measurement Sensor

The DS30 distance measurement sensor is a proximity style sensor with a single PNP or NPN output that detects targets within its 2-meter range. It can detect flat, black and shiny targets at the same range repeatedly. Applications for the sensor include pallet bay/bin empty/full detection; loop control for web materials such as paper, plastic, rubber and metals; and detecting parcels, packages and objects with shiny surfaces. The time-of-flight sensor provides background suppression and a small black/white shift. The sensor’s hybrid laser generates high-gain reserves under dirty conditions for solid detection in industrial environments.

(800) 325-7425

Laser Measurement

The BOD 63M time-of-flight photoelectric laser sensor can be used for applications such as error proofing in assembly, packaging, printing and metal processing. The latest version of the sensor has a 200-millimeter dead zone, a second discrete output and resolution of less than 1 millimeter. It has a sensing range of 6 meters, suitable for many long-range applications such as hot steel ingot measurement, precise material movement and hopper level detection. The sensor can discern minute variations in targets up to almost 20 feet away.

(905) 816-1494