pulltester schleunigerThe new Schleuniger PullTester 325 and PullTester 326 models expand on the flexibility by offering three force ranges. The user can select one of three force ranges depending on the requirements of the application. The standard models feature 3 selectable forced ranges; 200N, 1,000N, 2,000N (45 lbf, 225 lbf, 450 lbf) but other ranges are available by special order. The benefit of multiple force ranges is a higher degree of accuracy over a wider range of applications. 

Like its predecessors, the PullTester 325 and PullTester 326 are controlled by speed-regulated mo-tors for optimum test accuracy.  The PullTester 325 features two selectable pulling speeds with pull-to-break force test capability. The PullTester 326 features four selectable pulling speeds and four test func-tions; Pull-To-Break, Pull + Hold, Pull + Return and Pull+Hold+Break. The PullTester 326 also fea-tures networking capabilities and a memory capability so test parameters and test results can be stored for up to 48 different jobs and 50 test results for each job. Data can then be collected and analyzed using the optional WinCrimp software. 

Multiple holders and fixtures are available for both models. The PullTester 325 and PullTester 326 are the perfect complement to any production environment that requires power, flexibility and preci-sion. 

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