MUMBAI, INDIA— Rolta India Ltd. announced it has been recognized by PCI Geomatics with the Dr. Robert Moses Memorial Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit. Dr. Robert Moses ("Dr. Bob"), past President and CEO of PCI Geomatics, was an exceptional leader and visionary who left behind a legacy of excellence in remote sensing and geospatial technology. In memory of Dr. Bob, the award was formed to honor the organization that best exemplifies a model for others to follow in actively pursuing the development and adoption of geospatial technology while making a positive impact on the environment and society.

For over 30 years Rolta has brought remote sensing and geospatial solutions to customers in India and around the globe.

"We value Rolta as a long term Strategic Partner and appreciate their initiative to develop new and innovative geospatial applications and workflows for the many global customers who require operational solutions," said Terry Moloney, president and CEO, PCI Geomatics.

K. K. Singh, chairman and managing director of Rolta said, "Rolta has a unique business model based on a combination of specialized knowledge in the domains of Information Technology, Geospatial, Engineering, Defense and Security, which coupled with our own intellectual property, enables Rolta to provide high value solutions to the critical needs of our customers. We appreciate the recognition of Rolta's success, and honor Dr. Bob for his leadership and entrepreneurial spirit."