Mahr Federal has introduced a new long range indicator calibrator, the OPTIMAR 25. A precision benchtop instrument, the OPTIMAR 25 can be used for the calibration of a wide variety of precision measuring instruments. Accurate to ±10 µin. (±0.3 µm) over its full 0-1 inch (25 mm) range, the OPTIMAR 25 Calibrator is capable of measuring to many National Standards, and comes with a large MarCheck LCD monochrome digital display with background illumination and clearly readable 13 mm/0.512-inch high digits.product8_IN

Robust and compact in design, the OPTIMAR 25 measures dial and digital indicators in the preferred upright position. Using a precise digital encoder, the OPTIMAR 25 measures directly in line with the instrument, with no backlash and a smooth operation. OPTIMAR 25 performs high precision calibration on a full range of measuring instruments, including dial and digital indicators; dial and digital comparators; dial and digital test indicators; electronic probes and gageheads; Air Probes® and jet probes; and any other devices that magnify the linear displacement of a contact point or measuring spindle.

The OPTIMAR 25 Long Range Indicator Calibrator comes standard with the MarCheck display, a MarTest mounting shaft and adapter bushing, and a MarCheck angle display stand. Also included is a Long Form Certificate of Calibration, traceable to NIST, so that you can place the gage directly into use and under your calibration control.

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