Fluke Calibration introduces the 5322A Electrical Tester Calibrator, a multi-device calibrator built to facilitate compliance with exacting international standards such as the United Kingdom’s BS7671 17th Edition, IEC/EN Standards, Australia and New Zealand’s AS/NZS 3000 and Chinese verification/calibration regulations for various electrical testers. For a complete list of regulations met by the 5322A visit: https://us.flukecal.com/5322a-compliance

The 5322A combines many functions into a single instrument, replacing discrete resistors, decade boxes, and other custom solutions commonly used to calibrate electrical testers. This single-box solution speeds and simplifies calibration because users only need to learn, operate, and maintain one calibrator rather than multiple instruments. While it is difficult to automate multiple instruments, the 5322A can be automated with Fluke Calibration MET/CAL® Calibration Management Software in 5320A emulation mode—further increasing speed and throughput.

The 5322A is capable of handling a wide spectrum of electrical safety tester workloads. From older hand-cranked insulation testers to modern insulation resistance testers, hipot testers, RCD testers, earth group resistances testers, loop/line impedance testers, ground bond testers, portable appliance testers (PATs), and multi-function installation electrical safety analyzers, the 5322A Electrical Safety Tester Calibrator has it covered.

The 5322A Electrical Tester Calibrator is available in multiple model configurations offering the flexibility to select the features best suited to the user’s workload. The base 5322A model offers 1.5 kV high resistance sourcing. The 5322A/5 offers 5 kV high voltage resistor sourcing. Add to either model active loop compensation and a 600 V precision ac/dc output source for calibrating devices under test with metering capabilities, or a characterized 40 kV probe accessory for precision measurement of very high voltages to 0.5% accuracy.  

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