Designed for PV professionals who provide installation, commissioning, and maintenance services for systems that operate up to 1000 V DC, the SMFT-1000 provides a complete PV testing solution that conforms to the IEC 62446-1 standard.

The SMFT-1000 memory stores I-V curve and measurement data from PV installation and commissioning tests, so you don’t have to bring a laptop into the field. With easy-to-use Fluke TruTest™ software, you can import, organize, and analyze the data quickly, saving valuable time when processing results and compiling reports.

    All-in-one PV system test solution meeting IEC 62446-1 standards for Category 1 and Category 2 tests

    Open-circuit voltage (VOC) measurement at the PV module/string up to 1000 V DC

    Short-circuit (ISC) current measurement at the PV module/string up to 20 A DC

    On-location I-V curve results compares manufacturer I-V curve data to measured data on the analyzer screen

    Compatible with Fluke TruTest™ data management software