Magnaflux announced it has improved some of its Sonotech ultrasonic couplants as part of its on-going product development program. Improved couplants include Ultragel II, Soundsafe, Echogel, Sonotrace, Soundclear, and UT-X.

The improved couplants are customer tested and approved to guarantee great performance. Ultragel II, Echogel, and Sonotrace couplants now come in bright, vibrant colors that won’t fade or turn cloudy. And all improved couplants are even safer for people and the environment.

Improved Couplants Benefits:

  • Better corrosion protection
  • Safe, mild formulations
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Customer tested and approved

Sonotech couplants are ideal for nondestructive UT inspections for shear wave, weld inspection, acoustic emission testing, thickness gauging, flow metering, and other ultrasonic testing in power generation, aerospace, oilfield, pipeline, refinery, and automotive industries.

Whether the application requires low halogen, sulfur, or melting point specifications for nuclear power inspections, high acoustic standards, or high temperature operating ranges, Sonotech has a couplant for the job.