The ultra-compact and high-performance 3D sensor COMET LƎD 2 has been released. 

The new sensor offers flexibility, excellent data quality and precise measurement results for your future scanning tasks. The size of the sensor has been cut in half and allows for even better handling. You can transport the COMET LƎD 2 to different application sites without any difficulty and the one second measurement time enables faster 3D Scanning.

The COMET LƎD 2 now recognizes the change in vibration and exposure and has temperature management, which reduces the warm-up time to 30 minutes.

  • Highlights of COMET LƎD 2:
  • Achieve optimal measurement results quickly and easily
  • Precise measurement results even in difficult conditions and on different object surfaces
  • One system with 5 different field of views: Maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications 

ZEISS Optotechnik