PLYMOUTH, MI — Perceptron Inc., a global provider of 3D automated metrology solutions and coordinate measuring machines,  announced that a German automotive manufacturer selected Perceptron gauging and robot guidance for their manufacturing facility in China.

The project includes six stations in total: four in-line gauging, one in-line robot guidance for form and pierce, and one near-line closure panel gauging. All stations feature Helix sensors, including both structure-mounted and robot-mounted, to measure features such as threaded studs, hemmed edges and complex holes. Perceptron’s measurement algorithms allow measurement of non-standard hole shapes, which are increasingly used by manufacturers to error-proof their build process.

“This project is a part of a larger vehicle program whereby a similar platform is built at additional plants worldwide,” said Perceptron Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing Rick VanValkenburg. “Perceptron has experienced execution teams around the globe which enables support at all of the customer’s assembly plants. Multiple country projects are very common in the automotive industry and Perceptron has a unique competitive advantage with our local install and support teams.”

Perceptron’s dimensional gauging solutions provide a real-time view of production quality, allowing customers to make rapid adjustments and see instant results. The integrated reporting package enables immediate insight into the manufacturing process, turning massive amounts of data into actionable information. These powerful reporting tools also aid in the efforts to reduce process variation and optimize overall vehicle quality, providing more effective troubleshooting tools and faster root cause analysis.

All stations at the manufacturing facility in China are currently in the final stage of installation.

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