Morehouse Instrument Company has introduced new types of Digital Force Gauges.  These new digital gauges offer improved performance and accuracy specifications.  Compared to a typical analog ring force gauge with 0.5 % of full scale accuracy, these new gauges are two times more accurate at 0.25 %.  Repeatability, resolution and reproducibility are also significantly improved.  The new Morehouse digital force gauge displays direct force values and does not need an interpolation table. It offers several features including a max hold button; it records peak and valley forces, and is programmed using 11-12 data points taken from Morehouse accredited deadweight calibrations accurate to 0.002 % of applied force. Additionally, it features the new TIR function when the gauge displays the difference between maximum and minimum forces, while recording the maximum and minimum values in memory. This function can be of major assistance in varying force applications.

Morehouse Instrument Company

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