YORK, PA — Morehouse Instrument Company was selected as a finalist for Excellence in Innovation by MANTEC at its recent “Proud to Manufacture in PA” event.

According to Brad Kreidler, professional business advisor at MANTEC, MANTEC’s criteria for selection included having a solid reputation for developing new products, adopting new technologies, improving manufacturing processes, and a strong record of customer retention and market expansion.

Henry Zumbrun, Morehouse’s president, ascribes his company having been selected to its unique staff, whose efforts “represent the most important single contribution to Morehouse’s selection.“ Zumbrun emphasized that “Morehouse's innovative culture is an absolute necessity for seizing opportunities in the global economy.”

Morehouse announced recently part of a renewed program of continuous improvement leading to the provision of unsurpassed customer service. The company plans to continue developing and announcing new products and service upgrades for force and torque measurement well into the future. 

Morehouse Instrument Company, privately-owned and internationally known as a provider of calibration measurement integrity since 1925, designs, manufactures, and sells test equipment and systems for force and torque calibration for a broad range of industries. Morehouse relies on primary standards having uncertainties typically 10-50 times better than accredited calibration suppliers using secondary standards.

MANTEC is a leading manufacturing consultant in South Central Pennsylvania that was created to provide manufacturers with customized solutions, whether individual or strategically integrated, to deliver measurable results in productivity, profitability and competitiveness.