ANN ARBOR, MI — Registration for The Vision Show is open. Hosted by AIA, the world’s largest trade association for advancing vision and imaging, The Vision Show educates current and potential vision users about the latest advancements in machine and embedded vision, while offering them real-world solutions to their manufacturing challenges.

Taking place April 10–12, 2018, at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, attendees typically span a wide range of companies and job titles, which makes for a lively show with interesting discussions among people who might not otherwise have the chance to connect. This year, AIA expects those at the show to include users of vision and imaging technologies, system integrators, automation integrators, makers of collaborative robots, drones, augmented reality systems, and more.

This year’s conference tracks include:

- Vision Integration

- Embedded Vision

- IIOT, AI, Emerging technologies

- Collaborative Robots

- Certified Vision Professional Basic

- Certified Vision Professional Advanced

To support AIA’s new embedded vision initiative, there will be a track on embedded vision and an embedded vision pavilion this year. As one of the most exciting technologies in today’s vision industry, AIA has also developed an embedded vision website:

Vision and imaging systems enhance the quality of our everyday lives. They play an important role in everything from quality control of the things we use, eat, and drink to safety and security in the places we go to more accurate medical screening and faster drug discovery to high-tech entertainment to flying drones – whether for work or for pleasure. At The Vision Show, attendees will find the right solution providers, the right technology, and the right expertise to implement the vision and imaging systems they need.

AIA recently co-hosted the Collaborative Robots and Advanced Vision Conference (CRAV) in San Jose, CA, with its sister association, the Robotic Industries Association (RIA). This educational conference brought together over 300 people to examine two of the most important topics in the automation industry – collaborative and vision. To continue bringing these technologies together, The Vision Show will feature a collaborative pavilion on the show floor. Collaborative-focused conference presentations include: the intersection of Industry 4.0 and Collaborative Robots; the Future of Collaborative Robots; and Collaborative vs. Industrial Robots.

“We’ve hosted The Vision Show since 1996, and every year we see greater interest due to the tremendous advancements being made in the field,” said Jeff Burnstein, president of AIA. “Our attendees consistently turn to The Vision Show because they know it’s the one place they can learn about new and up and coming technologies and trends, while at the same time have the opportunity to interact directly with the vendors actually making those technologies.”

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