CAMBRIDGE, MA – Humatics Corporation, a developer of microlocation products, acquired 5D Robotics and its subsidiary Time Domain.

Humatics is developing radio-frequency (RF) sensors that measure the positions of objects in three-dimensional space with millimeter-scale precision at up to 30-meter ranges. 5D Robotics and Time Domain make RF systems that locate objects with centimeter-scale precision at up to 500-meter ranges. Together, the combined company will offer products that measure positions in industrial automation, next-generation construction, autonomous vehicles, and smart cities.

Location matters. To interact safely and seamlessly with people and their environments, autonomous systems such as drones, vehicles, and robots need to know precisely where they are at all times. GPS lacks the required accuracy, and doesn’t work indoors. Cameras and lasers help, but they rely on data-intensive maps and fail in dusty, rainy, foggy, or snowy conditions. RF technologies aim to overcome all these challenges.

5D Robotics and Time Domain are providing centimeter-scale sensors to the industrial automation and manufacturing markets.

“Time Domain has been the leader in precision positioning for many years, taking the technology to chip-scale solutions deployed at scale in challenging, critical environments,” said Ray Stata, founder and chairman of Analog Devices, and board member at Humatics. “I’m delighted to see the 5D Robotics and Time Domain products join Humatics’ technology portfolio. The synthesis of these technologies will make robust, precise positioning – and all the applications it unlocks – a reality.”

“Since we led the Series A last April, Humatics has exceeded the many milestones set by the board,” said Chris Cheever, co-founder and partner at Fontinalis Partners, a venture capital firm focused on next-generation mobility technologies. “That includes demonstrating successful pilots with brand-name customers, attracting world-class technology and business leaders, growing the team to nearly 50 employees, and most recently, completing this very strategic and timely acquisition. It’s transformed Humatics from a development-stage startup into a fully integrated, solutions-driven company capable of unlocking and creating value for next-generation mobility and countless other industries starved for exact location intelligence.”

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