FARMINGTON, CT — Edmunds Gages introduced a new Modular Automated Measuring Platform (MAMP) to its product offering. The platform aims to minimize overall delivery timing of custom automation, increase through-put, and reduce scrap through increased, 100% inspection and automated measurement. The MAMP-18 is a powered conveyor based unit that can be inserted into existing automated production line, or many other typical industrial applications.

The gage is available in three individual frame sizes. Model MAMP18A is for parts ranging from 1-6 inches (25.4-152.4 mm). Model MAMP18B handles 6-12 inches (152.4-304.8 mm) and model MAMP-18C handles 12-18 inches (304.8-457.2 mm) in size, and that include at least one flat face for conveyance along a powered conveyor. Parts can be round, square, or other shapes and can be cycled at a rate of 300 parts per hour, or more. Typical parts include gears, sprockets, hubs, flanged axle shafts, brake drums, and brake discs. MAMP-18 accepts parts on a continuous, non-synchronized, powered flex-link chain conveyor to transport to a metering area.

Parts may originate from manual loading, robotic transfer, other powered conveyors, or directly from a machine tool gantry. The MAMP-18 meters the parts, or separates for individual introduction into the part specific gaging. Slide motions from above, and or below the part, carry the part dedicated gaging to the part. MAMP-18 can be configured with Edmunds Gages air gaging, electronic gaging, or precision vision gaging medians depending upon the dimensional measurement application of the workpiece. All motions and speeds are controlled with the use of Allen-Bradley logic control products, uniquely packaged by Edmunds for any typical production line requirements. The unit can also be optionally configured with other brands of logic control products. All motions are protected for OSHA safety, with electrical interlocks, and will segregate any parts found out-of-spec into a separate gravity exit chute.

An Edmunds Gages Epic-CAG gaging amplifier provides the dimensional results from a 17-inch touch-screen graphical display. The gaging results can be displayed as bargraphs, digital values, histograms or with control charts such as X-bar and Range or scatter charts. A part counter and time clock organize the results of the measurement cycles with a “Gage Data File” for time a date stamped recording of the results. Retrieval of the measurement information is easy with a qualified memory stick, or through the TCP/IP Ethernet port, RS-232 port or multiple USB ports.

Feedback for size compensation to the part-producing machine(s) can be provided for direct communication of sizes offsets in a post process configuration in a number of machine-specific formats, to multiple machines, or from a statistical analysis basis.

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