Most organizational leaders know that quality makes them more competitive and yields improved bottom-line results. They know what they need to achieve—product and/or service quality—but many organizations struggle with how to consistently yield the quality they seek. This is where ASQ can best provide assistance.

ASQ is a nonprofit organization that supports the advancement of education and science within the field of quality. ASQ serves as a key resource for training and knowledge to individual members, organizational members and others within the global quality community. Research, publications, certifications and training are how ASQ fulfills its mission “to increase the use and impact of quality in response to the diverse needs of the world.”

ASQ’s industry research provides organizations with data and insights crucial to making sound business decisions.

The ASQ/Forbes Insights Culture of Quality Research offers actionable insight into how a quality-driven culture can accelerate business performance.

The ASQ Future of Quality Study identifies key forces that are most likely to shape the future of quality in the world.

The ASQ Global State of Quality Research creates a baseline of fundamental quality and continuous improvement practices around the world, pinpointing gaps and opportunities.

ASQ’s annual surveys on manufacturing outlook and salaries for quality professionals serve as powerful economic barometers.

As an accredited standards developer, ASQ plays a vital role in setting standards on quality management, environmental management, statistics, and social responsibility that facilitate global commerce. ASQ provides support to a number of technical groups that develop and approve international and American National Standards. This includes the most widely known standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 26000, and the recently revised ISO 19011, as well as other standards and technical reports that apply quality management principles, tools, and technology.

ASQ’s Quality Resources online is a one-stop collection of resources that make up the Quality Body of Knowledge (QBOK), from foundational concepts, tools, and definitions, to historical insights and the latest research, case studies, benchmarking, and more. Quality Resources offers the world’s most extensive and reliable references on quality so they can transform information into solutions and new insights for organizational challenges and opportunities. Drawn from ASQ and many other sources, the QBOK continually grows as new thinking, examples, and applications emerge.

ASQ’s certifications are a formal recognition that an individual has proficiency within, and a comprehension of, a specified body of knowledge. It’s also a mark of excellence. Recognized globally, these certifications are essential development tools that help quality professionals show they’re on top of regulations, of expertise, and of industry standards. People with ASQ credentials don’t just improve their companies’ bottom lines; they build careers.

ASQ offers a variety of classroom, virtual, blended, and web-based training for both individuals and organizations. ASQ provides off-the-shelf and customized trainings taught by industry experts. ASQ offers diverse training methods and experiences that let organizations and individuals gain and apply the knowledge to get a competitive advantage.

Other learning opportunities are available through ASQ’s Team Excellence process and the Emerging Quality Leaders Program. ASQ’s Team Excellence program provides tools and resources for developing and evaluating high‐performing teams. The Emerging Quality Leaders Program is a one-year leadership development experience for high-potential quality professionals in organizations focused on establishing a culture of quality and performance excellence. The program prepares a select group of rising professionals for high-impact quality leadership in the 21st century.

ASQ connects the global quality community through conferences and meetings throughout the year. The annual World Conference on Quality and Improvement offers a forum of ideas and an international network of thought leaders, experts, and peers eager to share the proven results achieved through quality. Other ASQ conferences include the upcoming Quality 4.0 Summit on Disruption, Innovation & Change; Lean and Six Sigma Conference; and many regional and industry events. 

Except for the Emerging Quality Leaders Program, I personally have benefited from each of these offerings many times over my 34-year career. My next learning experience will be on October 18 and 19, 2018, at ASQ’s Inspection Division’s conference in Memphis, TN. With 20 exhibitors, 16 sessions, five tours, four workshops, two keynotes and one networking reception, it promises to further support ASQ’s educational and scientific purpose. I hope to see you there.