Exact Metrology recently used its new Leica HDS scanners on a piping project at a Nuclear Generating Station in Kansas. The project took 800 hours and involved scanning piping in 20 rooms and the entire main level of containment with four operators, according to Dean Solberg, Co-president and Founder of Exact Metrology.

The project began when R. Brooks Associates brought in Exact Metrology to digitally map out several critical pipe runs and identify all high points throughout the piping system. Once all high points were identified, engineers could determine if additional venting for gas voiding was required. As a bonus, the data was also used to help validate and correct schematic drawings. When measuring and quantifying the piping systems and associated high points did not lend itself to conventional surveying measurements, Exact Metrology was contracted to complete the project, using their scanning equipment and technical know-how. Not only was Exact Metrology able to perform the tasks much quicker than traditional methods, the crew size required was greatly reduced, and access ladders/scaffolding/ harnesses/etc. normally required were not needed. All of this greatly aided in ALARA goals and allowed the plant to acquire the data with significantly less radiation doses than originally anticipated for the project.

The Exact scanning technicians arrived onsite with the necessary metrology equipment, ancillary technology and scientific expertise to scan the complex, hard to reach and hazardous areas of the nuclear power plant. After capturing the as-is 3D data, Exact technicians were not only able to quickly determine all critical high points of the systems, but do so while requiring dose exposure well below Health Physics expectations.

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