Xiris Automation Inc. has released the Xiris CellView camera that provides a wide-angle view of automated or manual welding cells, allowing welders and supervisors to remotely monitor the welding status during set-up or while in progress to help improve the productivity of each welding cell.

When used in combination with Xiris open-arc weld monitoring cameras, the CellView camera can be particularly useful for remote welder instruction, supervision and training. The instructor can review both the trainee’s form and up-close weld parameters to ensure the trainee is achieving optimal quality welds. Additionally, the camera can be used by the instructor to record their own welding form and the details of a weld demonstration to playback to students.

These are just a few of the many benefits that the Xiris CellView camera can provide by being able to capture a wide-angle view of the welding cell as a result of features such as low-level light sensitivity, auxiliary lighting, adjustable zoom, robust housing and compatibility with the Xiris WeldStudio™ software.

Xiris Automation Inc.